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Winter Heating Solutions

With nature having a mind of its own, camping comes with its joys and shortcomings.

If you are one of those campers that limit their ventures to summer because of the heat, we’ve got the right gear for you. We understand winter can be a trickier trip to plan for, so we have the gear that allows you take the heat with you wherever you go.

Our new and improved heating solutions include:

Aeroheat tent heater

AeroHeat Tent Heater

With the ability to operate from the warmth of your bed, the AeroHeat Tent Heater is the ultimate companion when it comes to camping in winter. The compact unit is the worlds first APP controlled gas appliance that can be run via the built-in Lithium rechargeable battery or from a propane cartridge or large gas cylinder, making it a safe and reliable option. It comes with an extendable outlet hose (30cm to 100cm), has a 4.5 hour runtime from the battery or 9 hours from a 468gm cartridge. 

RV Digital Water Heater

Camping outdoors in all seasons of the year is now even easier. You no longer have to compromise staying warm and clean with our winter-friendly collection. This digital water heater features an easy-to-read LCD display, adjustable gas and water flow and has both summer and winter modes. The option to mount this on most surfaces allows for easy usage too. Perfect for your away-from-home camping trips, but also the backyard at home.

AquaHeat Lithium Gas Shower

An alternative for campers that like to get off-grid, the AquaHeat Gas Shower will become a staple piece in your winter camping gear. This lithium shower is super convenient and has many different uses whether they be bathing or providing instant hot water for washing dishes.

The AquaHeat Lithium Gas Shower is powered by an integrated lithium battery, which allows for an expected runtime of up to 2 hours off a single charge, you can also power it from a larger battery if the integrated one goes flat. The digital display control panel located on the shower pack also allows you to clearly see temperatures and battery levels too.

To top it off, its size is packing friendly which makes it easy to squeeze in between your other camping gear essentials.

Portable LP Large Camp Heater

Now you might be thinking, why would I need a camp heater when I can use a campfire? Well, the camp heater is handy to have for those times you don’t have the option to light a fire. Our heaters are available in a range of gas options including propane cartridge, LPG (propane) and via a POL gas cylinder and are ideal for any outdoor heating application. This will be a perfect addition to those winter camping trips to keep warm and toasty when you don’t have access to wood and a lighter, or even for an evening on the back patio at home.

Rover Lithium 40AH Power Station

Power everything from your Companion portable camp fridge/freezer to any other 12V items you may require on your trip. The Rover 40Ah has a plethora of USB outlets to keep all of your rechargeable devices topped up, and the list is endless for what the power station can operate. This unit features multiple input and output charging options for convenience too – plus the lightweight and compact design makes it the ideal portable power source for your next camping trip.