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Aquaheat™ Lithium Gas Shower

Our Reviews

AC adaptor

I am wanting to purchase an AC adaptor for the companion Aquaheat which is proving difficult, I can only find in New Zealand and they won’t ship to Australia . I use mine at home and not interested in running car for 4 hours to charge it . Seems strange that an AC adaptor is not included.


Just brought “aqua heat lithium” gas shower, awesome product. My problem is I can’t find anything about a filter or add on filter between pump and unit. Putting the pump into a river or bucket of river water to me without filtration would reduce the life of the unit. And I know the water is being heated, it about contamination in the pump and unit. If there is a filter in pump or unit that can be changed out fine, But I can’t.find a replacement or any info on that . Can you clear this up for me please. Cheers Ian