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Camping Power Stations, Solar Blankets & Electrical

Keep power and electricity at your fingertips when you pack a camping  power station, or camping solar charger while enjoying an adventure in the outdoors. Both our power stations and solar blankets have been created to work with and power up all of your powered camping gear fro longer. 

Our power stations are available in either AGM or Lithium rechargeable batteries from 40Ah to 100Ah to suit all power requirements and budgets. Our Solar Blankets are ideal and harness the power of the sun while you are in the outdorrs. Available in 10w,21w, 120w and 200w blankets we our solar range will power charge and power everything from a powerbank and your phone to your fridge freezer direct from usb or an anderson connection.  

Our range of camping solar chargers is designed with highly efficient solar cells that can charge 40AH to 250AH batteries. Some types of batteries that it can charge include LiNiMnCoO2 (NMC), LiFePO4, Li-Ion, Calcium, Gel, and AGM. Other notable features include ETFE lamination that’s weather resistant, inbuilt stand system that’s adjustable, and reinforced eyelets.

The companion range of power stations and camping solar blankets are lighteweight and compact. The camping solar blankets fold neatly, flat with strage for all accessories and anderson connectors.  The power stations are lightweight weighing must less than your standard batteries of the same size with comfortable handles for moving around camp and packing in the kit ready for the next adventure. 

Companion camping power stations and solar blankets have been made with highest quality material and tested to make sure you are buying the most reliable power sources for camping and adventuring for years to come. Buy yours online today.