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Portable Camping Stove - Have Fun Cooking Outdoors

Camp stoves are an essential camping companion that will make cooking outdoors more fun and enjoyable. Bring out your kitchen prowess with a portable stove and impress your friends and family when you go on an outdoor adventure.

Our range of camp stoves comes in various designs and features that include stove hotplates, propane stoves, burners, ovens, and grills. There are also barbecue hot plates, power cooker and stock pot set, and stove carry bags for easy carrying and handling of portable stoves.

One important accessory that you can pair with your camp stove is a windshield which you can easily shape and position according to your cooking needs. Our windshield comes with a durable galvanised build which helps protect your camping stove from the elements while you are cooking outdoors. Another advantage of using a windshield is the ability to maximise heat in the cooking area so you can cook faster and more efficiently.

For boiling large amounts of water, our Mega Jet Outdoor Power Cooker is the best camp stove for the job. Specifically designed for large capacity pots, this cast iron burner has a large cooking surface, allowing you to boil a pot of water of up to 30 litres. It even includes a gas control valve, POL cylinder regulator connection, and 1200mm LP gas hose. It weighs only 5kg, making it portable and convenient to bring along anywhere and anytime of the year.

To ensure safe, clean, and efficient cooking, you can use our heavy duty cast iron ring burner that comes in double or triple burner models. Fitted with brass valves, each model comes with a gas hose and regulator so you can connect your burner directly to POL cylinders.

Pack and protect your portable stove easily with our heavy duty carry bag which comes with carry handles and heavy duty zips. Made of durable material, our carry bags have storage pockets where you can store all your camp stove accessories, eliminating the possibility of missing important pieces and parts.