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Camping Fridge Freezers, Hard and Soft Camping Coolers

A camping fridge freezer or portable fridge is the perfect piece of camping equipment and indespensible when you want to stay in the outdoors for longer. 

Our range of lithium camping fridge freezers, 12v, 24v, 240v camping fridges and coolers are perfect for keeping food cooler and safer on your next camping adventure. The most flexible option is a recharable lithium battery powered portable camping fridge that also runs, recharges and can be powered by 240v. Our Lithium powered fridge range also comes equipped with dual anderson connections on both ends of the fridge toe nabel recharging directly from solar or from a power station.

The camping cooler  is a cost-efficient way to keep your snacks and favourite drinks cool in the outdoors. At Companion we have soft shell and hard shell coolers in various sizes to suit any camping requirement and or budget. 

When looking for a fridge, freezer or cooler for your next trip Companion has a wide range of products to help you keep your snacks and drinks cold. From soft and hard coolers and camping fridge freezers our Companion range is backed by 80 years of product knowledge and research. Our camping fridge freezers are made with highest quality parts and are tested to the last many years keeping your food and drinks cold a safe in some of Australia's most remote locations.