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The story of the "Companion" Stove

Over the last 80 years, Companion has established a reputation as a leading producer of outdoor products including gas appliances, portable fridge/freezers, power and electrical solutions. From manufacturing blowlamps and kerosene stoves during the war period to providing home-like comforts to outdoor enthusiasts today, our range has developed extensively since 1941, and the innovation keeps on coming! Lets take a look back at where our gas products first originated and how that helped develop the "Companion" name in 2021...



In 1882, the world-famous firm of Max Sievert of Stockholm, Sweden, made the first Blowlamp of the type which became universal everywhere. These Blowlamps and their "Svea" Kerosene Stoves were quickly supplied to the world, including Australia.

The war situation isolated Swedish shipping from British Ports, including Australia, preventing exportation from Sweden, and the consequent shortage of Blowlamps and Stoves quickly became irksome. Blowlamps and Kerosene Stoves were vitally necessary in Australia for industrial and domestic purposes, thus leading to negotiations with Messrs Sievert of Sweden who soon gave their consent to the manufacture of these essential apparatus in Australia under special licence. Such license imposed upon the Australian makers enforced the obligation that all Stoves and Blowlamps made in Australia must in every detail of construction, design, material, and performance be equal to Messrs Sievert's original Swedish manufacture.

This undertaking was faithfully honoured and the "Svea" Kerosene Stove was presented with some pride. It was completely Australian, both material and workmanship. No imported material of any kind was used. All stoves made in Australia under Sievert Swedish license were supplied under the "Companion" Brand.



*This article originated in the mid-1940's. Licencing and manufacturing details may vary today.



Our trip down memory lane has us curious to know how our products have played a part in your outdoor endeavors over the years. Do you remember using gas products manufactured in the early days or have a relative who does? Perhaps Companion is a new addition to your adventure kit. Whether it be a recent or past memory, we'd love to hear it! Tell your story and provide any photos you have to our team at [email protected] and we'll share it on our social channels.