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Lithium Fridges

What sets the new Lithium 60L Single and 75L Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer apart from other fridges on the market? Besides the smart design, these units are a Fridge/Freezer and Power Pack all in one – making them a first-to-market innovation. Let’s take closer look at the features…

Lithium Power Pack

The integrated 40Ah Lithium battery features two USB ports and is completely removable, allowing it to be used as a power pack. With a 16-hour runtime off a single charge (without any assistance from other power sources), you’ll be able to stay longer and truly get off-grid. *Battery has a 2000 cycle life & only weighs 4 kgs.

Note: Fridge will operate as normal with powerpack removed as long as it is connected to a suitable AC or DC power source.


Both the 60L Single and 75L Dual Zone Fridges have dual Anderson plug outlets and inlets for direct solar connections to recharge the battery for an extended runtime. These sockets also allow you to run two fridges at the same time by connecting a regulated solar charger into one Anderson plug and the fridge into the other. *Dual power inlet sockets are positioned at either end of the unit for convenient charging while travelling in the car or at home

Dual Speed SECOP Compressor

SECOP Compressors have a strong reputation in the outdoor refrigeration market and are known for their reliability, low power consumption and proven longevity. This Compressor will see your fridge/freezer through the hottest climates which is exactly what you need living in Australia.


These fridges are designed to fit in all kinds of vehicles, including under Ute covers thanks to their low profile. They’re also equipped with dual direction lids for easy access in the car or around the campsite, integrated twin bottle openers, drink holders and LED internal lighting as well as an LED display screen.

Additional Features

  • 4 x USB Ports to power devices and accessories
  • 3-Year warranty
  • 3-Stage battery monitor
  • DC lead comes with Merit/Cigarette/Anderson plug connections
  • Whether in use or on standby mode, the Fridge will charge while connected to AC or DC

Don’t be held back by cords; enjoy the wireless experience of integrated power and the freedom to move with ease.