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Fridge/Freezer Troubleshooting

Portable camp fridge not working right? This expert refrigerator troubleshooting, and repair advice should help you solve any questions or issues you might be having with your Companion fridge/freezer. 



    1. What degrees should I initially set my fridge/freezer at?

We recommend setting temp for a fridge to +3˚ and a freezer to -16˚ as a starting point. You may personally choose to go slightly colder which is also okay – fridges can vary a bit


2. I’m testing my new fridge which is empty, and the temperature does not match what I set it to. Why?

Fridge temperatures can give an inaccurate read if the unit is empty (or even half empty). This is due to the cabinets being full of air, allowing temperatures to fluctuate excessively. We recommend filling the fridge with cold food and drink and trying again.


3. Why does the LED display screen show a different read to what I set the fridge temperature to (it’s a few degrees out)?

All portable compressor fridges will cool up to 3˚ below set temperature before switching off, allowing the cabinet to increase to 2˚ above set temperature. This is to keep the compressor cycle time and frequency down which leads to reduced power consumption, the average temp achieved will be the set temp


4. Why won't the fridge run on 12V but is okay on 240V?

We recommend looking out for any error messages on the display first. Next, make sure the 12V power source is charged and the connections are secure & correct before checking the battery monitor setting. We recommend setting it to low or medium to avoid voltage monitor cut-out issues.


5. Can I run my fridge with a protective fridge cover on safely?

Yes, it is recommended that you run the fridge or freezer with the cover on. This will create additional insulation as well as protecting the fridge from damage. Covers are also proven to reduce power consumption.


6. Is the fridge okay to run in the direct sunlight?

It is best to avoid placing your fridge/freezer in direct sunlight if possible. If the unit is stored in a car or sealed area of any sort, allow for ample air flow space to aid in the cooling process.


7. Why does the 3rd party thermometer show a different reading to the LED display screen?

This might happen for a number of reasons. It could be due to the position of where the thermometer probe sits in relation to the fridge probe, or whether the cabinet is full or empty. If neither of these are at play, we recommend contacting our customer service team.


8. Why is my fridge freezing and why can’t I control it?

Please check the temperature setting first. If the set temp is above 0 degrees & the fridge is still freezing you will need to contact customer service


9. I came back to my car and everything is hot. Is my fridge faulty?

The electrics in the fridge have an automatic shut off system if the unit reaches a certain temperature. Leaving the fridge in a hot car can cause damage so this may trigger this safety feature. Always allow airflow through vehicle in warm weather, especially if you are leaving the fridge inside for an extended period. When packing the car, it is important to ensure the vents of the fridge are clear and have at least a 50mm gap around anything inside the vehicle to allow substantial airflow.


10. Can I run my fridge 24/7, 365 days a year?

Yes, as a fridge you can. We would not recommend using it as a freezer for this duration though.


11. Where is the nearest service agent?

To find your nearest service agent, please visit our Service Agent Locator.


If you have any other questions you would like to ask, please contact AOA Customer service via phone 1300 362 921 or email [email protected].