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Get to know the Companion Solar Charger range as we answer your questions below.



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10W & 21W Solar Chargers

How many devices can I charge at a time?

10W: One device can be charged at any one time via the USB connection.

21W: Two devices can be charged at any one time via the twin USB outlets.


120W Solar Charger & 200W Solar Chargers

Can I connect my solar panel directly to my fridge?

Not unless you have a fridge with in-built battery (like our 10000064/65 Lithium Range). Otherwise, the solar must only be connected to a suitable battery or powerpack.


What is the most Amps output I can expect from my solar panel?

120W: You can expect 6A per hour from your 120W solar charger in perfect solar conditions (full sun).

200W: You can expect 11A per hour from your 200W solar charger in perfect solar conditions.


I'm not getting the full amperage from my solar charger even though it’s very sunny.

There are a few reasons why your solar charger won't provide the max possible output even in full sun:

a) The battery/powerpack it is charging is full or near full

b) The ambient temperature is very hot

c) the angle of the panel to the sun is incorrect.


Can I use the solar panel without the controller?               

Yes, you can, however you must ensure the unregulated charge output (around 21V) is regulated before it gets to any battery/powerpack


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