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FAQS: Lithium Fridge/Freezers


Companion’s Lithium Fridge Freezers can be configured in many ways to suit your outdoor needs.

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help get you set up and on your way.


1. Are there temperature limitations when setting cabinet temps?

No, as long as you set them within the +20/-20 settings, you can have either cabinet set to any temp (i.e. Fridge/Fridge, Freezer/Freezer, Fridge/Freezer, Freezer/Fridge).


2. Will my fridge operate with the powerpack removed?

Yes, as long as it is connected to a suitable DC power source or AC power source it will operate as a normal portable fridge.


3. Can I charge my integrated powerpack without the fridge turned on?

Yes, simply connect the fridge to a suitable external DC power source or via the AC adaptor to 240V while it is turned off.


4. How can I tell if my battery is fully charged?

The LED display will indicate full charge on the battery gauge and the voltage will be between 12.4V & 12.6V.


5. How long will the fridge last off a full charge?

The integrated powerpack will last up to 16 hours from a full charge without any assistance. It can run as low as 10V.


6. The LED screen is flashing, what does this mean?

You have overcharged the battery with an unsuitable solar controller. The voltage from the solar controller outlet must be kept under 12.8V. Remove the powerpack to reset.


7. Can I run another fridge from the Lithium fridge Anderson plug?

Yes, you can run another fridge. We recommend using solar into one Anderson plug & the second fridge from the other Anderson plug to extend battery life.


8. Will my fridge charge while I am driving?

Yes, the fridge will operate and charge while driving/connected to DC.


Didn’t find the information you’re looking for? Contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 362 921 or [email protected].